Bullying – An experiment for kids.

Those of you who are keen Facebook fans, may have already seen this piece before. But I thought it was a good enough example to share with you. A New York teacher passed a piece of blank paper around her class. She told her pupils to screw it up, stamp on it, do anything to ruin it, but not to tear it. She then took it, smoothed it out and passed it back around, asking her students to now say sorry to the piece of paper.

As they did this, she pointed out that although the paper could ‘hear’ the apologies, it wasn’t really helping. The paper remained affected by the scars, the creases that just wouldn’t smooth out.

The teacher explained that this was the effect that bullying had. And that even when they said sorry to a victim, the internal scars would always still be there. She said that the looks on her pupil’s faces were enough to tell her that the experiment had worked.

I used to use a similar method to get this message across, when I worked in schools, but I thought that this was brilliant.