Are you a disabled young person, a parent or someone who supports a child with a disability?

…if so, you might want to take a look at this link. Kirsty, one of my readers, got in touch with me on facebook to tell me about it, and I thought it was well worth flagging up. The organisation is called TIN, and here’s what they are about:

”The Transition Information Network (TIN) is an alliance of organisations and individuals who come together with a common aim: to improve the experience of disabled young people’s transition to adulthood. TIN is a source of information and good practice standards for disabled young people, families and professionals.”

TIN produce a FREE magazine for young disabled people and their families and supporters, which you can either read online or have delivered to your door. It features all sorts of inspiring pieces, many written by young disabled people (including Kirsty!) who are doing all sorts of inspiring things, and are always keen to hear from anyone with a story of their own to tell.

You can find them by clicking here. And, as ever, please feel free to share!


C xx