Breaking the Silence is out this Thursday

Hi all,


Just stopping by to let you know that my latest full length memoir, Breaking the Silence, is out this Thursday, 6th June. I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this one with you; Jenson and Georgie were such different little boys, with such profoundly different needs, that it was one of the most complicated placements Mike and I have ever accepted. Though we’ve obviously got some experience with Autistic Spectrum Disorders – with our Kieron having Asperger’s – it was quite a challenge having a child like Georgie coming to live with us because, as everyone who is familiar with autism knows, no two children are ever alike in the way the condition manifests itself and  in the things that can trigger real distress. And, of course, having already accepted Jenson – himself an angry and troubled child for entirely different reasons – it was always going to be a complicated business giving them both the support and help they badly needed. And when we realised there was so much more to Jenson’s situation that met the eye… well, let’s just say I learned a lot from the whole experience – not least from my own son, on this occasion!

Incidentally, if you haven’t yet downloaded my free short story for ereaders – Just a Boy – you’ll find a sample chapter of Breaking the Silence in there, along with sample chapters of all my previous books.

Can’t wait for your feedback, as ever. Love C xx

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