I’m sure many of you who visit here will be familiar with The Fostering Network, a UK organisation that concerns themselves with all things fostering-related, from getting involved with politics to providing information and support to the fostering community to spreading the word and encouraging people to consider doing this challenging but rewarding work.

As they say on their website:

‘The Fostering Network is the voice of foster care, and has been influencing policy and campaigning for improvements for nearly 40 years. We work with key decision makers such as Government Ministers, civil servants and elected representatives in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to put into place policies that are best for fostered children and foster families.

There is still much more to do. Get involved in our policy and campaigns work and make a difference. Together we can change lives!’

This fortnight – it runs from today, May 13th, to the 26th –  is all about getting the word out there, because there’s never been a greater need for  potential foster carers to come forward. Again, as mentioned on their website, they estimate that there’s around 9,000 foster homes needed if we’re to have places to support society’s most vulnerable children ust next year alone.

So if you’ve ever  read one of my books and though ‘I think I’d like to do that’ go and have a look at their website – there’s a wealth of advice together with links that should be able to tell you all you need to know.

Click here to go straight to their site. You never know – it might just change your life. It did mine!

Love C x