My favourite books. Ever!

Hello again, I was asked by Grace, on Facebook, what my favourite book ever was, and you know, that really got me thinking. I’ve read so many great books that I absolutely wouldn’t know how to choose just one. However, if I was forced to do this, I would honestly have to say that it was a book called Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcatera. A true story about friendship above all, and the lengths ordinary people can go to when they face horrendous circumstances. The book moved me deeply and I’ve never forgotten it.

As I said though, I just love so many books and authors. I would include in my favourites, the lovely Cathy Glass, who also writes about foster care and her experiences. Two books I read this year, and would recommend to anyone who is interested in either the damaged mind or specifically autism, would be The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog – and other stories from a child psychiatrist’s notebook.

This is a brilliant read with real accounts of various young people who have been damaged through childhood trauma.

Finally I would recommend Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident. This was simply a fab read and very clever. As for the rest, there are far too many to mention, but I’d love to hear of your favourites. Nip over to Facebook and let me know, I could do with some inspiration just now.