The Teen Depression Epidemic


Because of the nature of the fostering I do, I have seen a lot of children and young teenagers with huge mental health issues to overcome. Some are so damaged by what they have seen, heard and endured in their young lives that healing their minds will be a process that continues well into adulthood. Some, sadly, will never becoming trusting enough to fully integrate into society again.


But it seems that mental health is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in all kids. A piece by the journalist Carol Midgely, which I read in the paper today  included the statistic that, according to the World Health Organisation,  depressive disorders were the third biggest global health problem in 2004, and that by 2030, they will be number 1.


And according to Young Minds, the mental health charity, it’s a problem that’s growing fast among today’s children and teenagers, who have to deal with unprecedented pressures such as cyber-bullying, sexting, porn and violence, as well as the stress of having to pass so many exams.


You can read the piece at But even if you don’t, it still seemed a good opportunity to flag up the services the Young Minds charity have to offer; not just for young people themselves, but for those parents and carers who might be worried about the wellbeing of a loved one. They can be found at:, and the parents’ free helpline is: 0808 8025544.