Changes are afoot!

Hi all 🙂 After a few hectic weeks of training, which saw me up and down the country travelling to various venues – using buses, trains and taxis! Nightmare! I think once I sorted the waffle from the serious stuff, I have learned that there are some welcome changes on their way in the world of foster care. I’m not entirely sure that these changes are to be effected nationwide at first, but certainly it seems to be a step in the right direction.

First and foremost I discovered that long term carers and specialist carers are to be at last rewarded and recognised for their hard work and years of service. I know some local authorities have already been doing this, but certainly not all, and not all the private agencies. It means that the more skilled you are, the more training courses you attend, and the longer you are a carer, then this will be reflected in the amount you are paid. This, I think is great news. It will mean that more doors are opened to all carers to get involved with some top class training, which can only be a good thing.

It also means that new carers can join at various levels. The more skilled you already are, the more qualifications you have, mean that you can come into fostering higher up than entry level. The training will still be ongoing, and for as long as you choose to foster, but you have more opportunities with this new entry method. Those of us who have already been in the job for a number of years, and at any level, will also be assessed in order to retain our positions.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not 100% sure that this will roll out up and down the country at the same time, but I know quite a few authorities are adopting this new structure. I know training can be a pain, and I particularly moan about it at times – having to drop everything, arrange childcare, leave the hubby in charge of the house etc but I do see the need for it, and to be honest, I always feel the benefit once it’s over with. I always come back home recharged and ready to rock and roll again 🙂 The truth is, the world changes whether we like it or not, policies change, and the needs of our children and the traumas they face change too. We have to be equipped to deal with all of that and be able to prove that we can adapt along with it. It’s the nature of the beast, but I for one am pleased that our efforts to keep up, are being recognised.